Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!
Had the best-test birthday ever!
Thanks to all the wishes, messages, phone calls and what not.

Thurs night. Had a pre-birthday celebration with Dinesh, at Souled Out, then we headed over to Zouk. Awesome awesome time there. 2 bottles, a flaming lambo, and a graveyard later, somehow i ended up at home. Bitch of a hangover the next morning.

Friday, went out with my cousins to Waikiki in PJ for my birthday + my cousins 21st. Had like 20jugs of beer/long island ice tea, and 4 bottles, among 20 of us. Most were tipsy/passed out by the time the party was over. Some had to be physically carried back to the hotel room. Another awesome night, with another flammin lambo.

Overall. Awesome birthday this year. No more drinking for a while. Liver needs to recuperate.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

its crunch time baby!
the last week before we all fly offf
extremely excited for a new change.
but super sad about leaving the family.
will miss my dad the most
yea lahhhhh daddies girl.......

ANYWAY. been pretty busy the past few days. Out with the usual ppl on monday to Tony Romas... Went to the Zoo on tuesday with zad dinesh cass sanjeve eileen and her friend.. Zoo was awesome haha. but the animals look pretty sad, but i had really LOW expectations of the place.. Wed went to KL central with Aizad to get our MAS cards.. Got kidnapped to Gentings that night.. Takin my cousin from NZ out to pyramid soon for some shopping!.. Souled Out and Zouk with friends later.. WAikiki Bar tomorrow night with cousins... Family party on Saturday night.. Farewell with my chinese relatives Sunday... Dinner with alevels kakis on Tuesday...

im so tired.
and i havent bought a single thing yet!! only my hand carry luggage and a laptop case.
i have a feeling, ill only be packing a day before i leave
: )

Saturday, September 12, 2009

o man! i havent updated my blog in almost 1 month!! apologies. was actually planning on not updating anymore. But whatever i guess.

Recent Events.........

Happy freaking 21st Birthday to my Fat Friend SAM!! Lots of love on your birthday. Hope you had some nice presents from ahem ahem. LMAO. Had lunch with the gang at Delicious at Bangsar Village. Awesome deserts, food was pretty average for me. Sam... where the pictures?

More thursday night gatherings at my house. Almost every single thursday since June, the Subang gang has been gathering at my house for drinks, food, movies, poker, etc etc till like 5am. I think yesterday was our last thursday gathering for the year. Pretty sad. The house will be quiet.

Went to pyramid and ran into Mika Hakkinen. I honestly have NO idea how he looks like. Obviously i knew who he was, only Aizad knew how he looked like (shall give credit to him for realizing). Then we went to the Sony Center to google his face. LMAO. approached him and he was kind enough to take pictures with us. The Ogawa salesman who was layan-ing him the entire time didnt even realize who he was until we told him. The guys were like, DAM excited to see him. Was like teenage girls who just saw the Jonas Bros.

He looks kinda sun burnt rite?
Lil Bro was extremely jealous that i got to take a picture.... in your face baby!~

Wat else........... went all the way to KL to do the MAS card with Aizad today, only to learn that they were relocatting their office to KL central, and the can only process the application after Monday. So we went to Starbucks to stone haha.

Other than that, nuttin terribly exciting has been going on.. 2 more weeks till we leave. Im EXCITED!! but will miss my family the most.. get the tissues ready.. all thats left is to start packing, gotta clear up the closet and give away my unwanted clothes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Story of my toothache!

Been having some tooth problem for a few years. Basically all started when i "fell" and shattered some teeth and had to wear braces etc etc. So had some partial fake teeth attached instead of completely removing them. So during my aussie trip, part of my fake tooth dropped out! (yes yes. gross rite?) and i was only eating pizza!

So went to dentist. Says i gotta get a Crown done, where they just make a shape of the fake tooth and permanently attach it to your existing tooth. Can last for like 10..15years.. after drilling some holes and doing what not, they attached a temporary piece as it takes a few weeks to create a permanent mold.

Fantastic la! Somehow, managed to get an infection on the nerves of my tooth, and was in severe pain for the past 3 days. Was being a real cranky biatch the whole weekend haha. Cant sleep. Cant eat. Finally saw the dentist earlier, had to get xray and all. End result... get a root canal - drills a hole into your tooth to kill the nerves. Then insert the Crown again.

FML. So, from such a small fall, i end up spending almost 8k on my freaking teeth!! Unfair. Rather take the money and go out shopping.

Anyways.... seems like the holiday is flashing by really fast these past weeks! I'm so NOT prepared to go back to classes!! Sept is gonna be pretty crazy, with last min preps.. Rushil being home.. Cousins coming down.. but awesome as usual.

Catching up on the movies. So far, I've watched....

Up next would be....
The Proposal
The Ugly Truth
District 9

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I is back home from B A L I. Managed to soak up some VitD from all the sunshine there. seems to be pretty gloomy these days in Klang. Had a awesome awesome vacation with the family. Satish met us there, from Melbourne. (not like i didnt see him enuff in aus).

Went to Bali for 5days, 4nights. Did touristy things for a day. I hatee doing touristy things. Like, visiting batik factories, and spice gardens? Boooo.. Rented a car + driver for a day. Visited some temples.. monkey jungle was cool (baby monkeys are super cute).. some volcano point.. Tanah Lot (temple on the beach) and those sorts of things. I hate touristy things cuz you just sit in the car the whole day and i rather be out roaming the beach and streets. And got car sick ofcourse. Whats a car trip without getting sick?

Managed to go some surfing and body surfing. Cuz the waves there are pretty high, and its nice for beginners/noobs like me haha. Initially had some wipe outs, but eventually got the hang of it. Got my elbows and tummy scruffed up cuz the board is quite rough. Managed to pinjam a wetsuit for a local, and twas all good. first time i ever got sunburnt! like, it actually hurt to touch my shoulders lol. usually i just get dark.

Had dinner with DIRGA PUTRA for Balinese food! and his crazy motorbike. (seriously. the motorcylists in bali are CRAZY.) Did the whole dinner on the beach watching the sunset.

Overall, awesome trip. Great weather. Awesome seafood. Even better company. Only draw back was that i didnt have time for watersports which i initially planned for (ex - jet skis, parasailing, etc etc) still dont have all the pics, waitin for my bro to send em to me...

With our driver, YOGA!

Boys looking pretty in their skirts
(cannot show legs in temple)

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Sunset Dinner on Jimbarang Beach

When did i get so dam shortt????
2nd shortest in the fam. HOW?

Think im gonna be severly depressed when we start back classes. After all thats going on, i rather keep holiday-ing. Upcoming events...... Rushil is coming homeeee next week (no further explanation needed)... cousins from NZ are visiting....... my 20th birhtday + farewell on the same weekend? (i deserve double presents)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apologies for the lack of updates.
Been pretty busy the past week.
Mostly doing visa crap..

omggggg fuck my life. haha. visa really makes me not wanna go to UK now. everyday involves something visa related. making payment. getting forms. taking photos. constantly emailing for papers. calls to and from classmates. rescheduling appointments. now i gotta postpone it another 2 weeks, cuz they're JUST sending our transcripts from UK now. and i need my passport next week for Bali trip.

Other than that.. just going out with friends and bumming with the brother who's on holidays now. Was finally cured of my 2week long cough. Dragged Jeat shopping with me yesterday to find a dress for the law ball, after much contemplation of buying/not buying another dress. dam good shopper - picked up a dress and accessories in the 1st shop itself. had to buy tape for my dress though. (jeat claims its so i can tape my parang with me. LMAO.)

Other than that.. life remains the same.. Law Ball this saturday. possible MOS after party (have a feeling we're all gonna be bored by 9pm).. birthday lunch on the weekend.. Bali next thursday..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got back home on tuesday night, to the amazing heat, humidity, and haze.
Had a great flight back, cuz had 4 seats to myself and could lie across em.
Plans for this week - settle all the UK stuff.
Visa - done.
Accommodation - done.
Banking - done.
Just gotta fix up the laptop, and all will be settled.